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What Causes Stomach Pain (Gastric Pain)?

Stomach pain is a common occurrence in every person’s life but it is important to differentiate what is meant by this term. It is not uncommon for most people to refer to abdominal pain in general as stomach pain. However, the stomach is a specific part of the gastrointestinal tract, a hollow muscular organ that lies between the esophagus (food pipe) and small intestine (small bowel). Therefore stomach pain in the true sense refers to pain in the stomach organ. In order to understand the location of the pain it is important to first identify the location of the stomach.

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What is Asthma? Windpipe Wheezing and Hard to Breathe

Asthma is an immune-related disorder that results in narrowing of the airways when a susceptible person encounters certain environmental stimuli such as pollen and dust. Air flow through the windpipes to and from the lungs is therefore restricted and normal oxygenation of the blood is subsequently affected. Although the condition is commonly referred to as wheezing, it is important to understand that wheezing is the abnormal breathing sound heard in asthmatics. It is a symptom. Wheezing can occur in other respiratory conditions as well. The constriction of the airways is usually reversible but causes great difficulty in breathing at the time of the asthma attack. If left untreated, severe asthma can cause respiratory and cardiac arrest followed by death.

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Where is Appendix Pain Located and What are the Symptoms?

Appendix pain is any extreme discomfort or tenderness associated with some disease of  the appendix, the small outpouching from the cenum of the large intestine. Anatomically, it is more correctly known as the cecal appendix or vermiform appendix. Tenderness or pain associated with the appendix is a symptom due to a disease. It is difficult for any person to conclusively in a specific region of the abdomen as being appendix pain. Other symptoms accompanying the pain must be noted and diagnostic investigations need to be conducted in order to confirm that the pain is really originating from the appendix. Remember that the abdomen is packed with various organs and tissues, all of which lie closely to each other.

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