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Types of Skin Fungus (Pictures) – Ringworm, Yeasts, Thrush

There are two main types of fungi (singular ~ fungus) that affect the human skin :

  1. Dermatophytes (also called ringworm)
  2. Skin yeasts (also called thrush or candida)

Both types of fungi (mold-like and yeast link fungi) are not threatening to human skin unless there is damage or irritation of the area or the health of the skin cannot be maintained due to poor circulation, lowered immunity or use of toxic chemicals.

A skin fungus can occur on any part of the body but it is prevalent in areas that are covered (dark), warm and moist.

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Skin Fungus (Fungal Infection) Causes, Pictures, Treatment

A skin fungus is an infection of the skin by a fungus, a microorganism that usually consumes dead material. The outer skin is made up of dead skin cells that form a barrier to the outside environment. This barrier is usually able to maintain its own health but if damaged (especially by breaks or a cut in the skin), it can be prone to infections. There are certain types of fungi – dermatophytes (molds) and yeasts  – which can quickly invade and establish itself on the skin surface in the optimal settings.

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