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What Causes an Itchy Skin Rash on the Neck and Throat?

Most cases of a skin rash on the throat or neck are acute (short term). It may be due to an irritation from the fabric of your clothing (contact dermatitis) or a skin condition like hives (urticaria) and in some severe cases of acne, there may be some pimples on the neck which are itchy.

A chronic neck skin rash is more likely due to other causes. Being a ‘fold’ of the body, like the knees and elbows, chronic skin conditions like eczema tend to persist in these regions. While the neck or throat region is not a common site to be affected in eczema, it is still prone to these types of rash in a very allergic person.

Other possibilities for a neck or throat skin rash include a fungal infection of the skin, contact dermatitis due to the use of hair shampoos or dyes (which drip onto the neck or throat when bathing) as well sunburn or heat rashes. Many women who use skin lightening products for years will suddenly develop a rash on the bleached areas – the face and neck being the most common.

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Not all skin rashes are itchy and if you find a slow growing rash developing on your neck that is not itchy, painful to touch or palpable (does not feel rough, smooth, raised or depressed) then it could be due to a pigmentation disorder like vitiligo or melasma.

In order to identify the cause of your itchy skin rash on your neck or throat, first identify the most recent change in your clothing, personal hygiene routine or grooming. Exclude any known or suspected triggers especially clothing made from synthetic fabrics or wool. Avoid applying perfume or scented creams on the neck or throat region.If your rash is persisting or symptoms are intensifying after a few days, then visit your doctor for further advice.

6 Responses to What Causes an Itchy Skin Rash on the Neck and Throat?

  • nowhere here or elsewhere do I hear a likely diagenosis or treatment for my itchy skin. This is the section of skin from the front of my neck, on the outside skin, from the chin or jaw on the top, down to the notch in the clavecal. I used antronex which greatly reduced the awful itching. after a few days, itching returned. I also used rubbing alcohol which temporarily (hours) often reduced the itching. I also used amoxicillin 500 mg. I just finished a 3rd course for about 15 days, three times a day. After this I felt back to normal briefly. Only days. l. I started itching the first time in September. Now I am watching to see if the itching is really coming back. I just started a course of clindamycin 300mg for 10 days, 4x/day. This because an anaerobic culture was found with prevotella melaninogenica. I will finish this antibiotic too.
    I am tired of stupid suggestions about possible causes suggested by the medical profession. This is new at age 72.

  • Me too Larry. My name is Valorie, I am 66 and it’s driving me nuts trying to figure it out. I’ve tried a list of skin ointments.Have you found anything that works yet?

  • I am 64 y old, I had skin rash and itching especially under throat, also 3 inches right and left of it all the way near jaw musles. I only used Fusibact B ointment, it temporary help. Could it be caused by spray parfum! or is it fungi or due to clothes or detergent remenance, Will it disappear if we dry clothes under the sun! or is it due to our alergy to chemicals in chicken we eat for example?
    The problem comes and go without solution.

  • I am suffering the same problem… Itchy on the throat area. So itchy but painful when touched. I dont know what to do…. Anyone who suffered the same but has been cured, please help me. Thanks.

  • I have recently developed a neck rash on the front making its way to my chest at times…The only change I have had is a different high blood pressure meds since Attenonol is on back order…

  • Also dealing with it. Unwilling to go to doctor and be an experiment for meds. Aloe from the plant has helped it from going crazy but not healing. Thought it was due to fumes from pvc glue but no longer exposed….owner of health food store thinks it could be toxins. Taking a homeopathic detoxifier.

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