Health I Talk (www.healthitalk.com) is a health website offering simple answers to medical questions.. We aim to provide comprehensive health related information, written by medical professionals, with the strict instruction of “No medical jargon“.

health_questions_answersAt Health I Talk, we understand that the medical sciences can be a confusing subject and often leaves readers and patients frustrated. Medical professionals relate to the subject at a level that is out of reach of most average readers and time and patience is required to explain concepts.

Health I Talk aims to educate the reader on medical issues without having to bother your doctor with the basics.  All our writers are medical professionals contracted from Corporate SEO Solutions and are respected health care workers in their respective fields as well as seasoned online writers.

We encourage comments and questions in the comment box at the end of each post, however, we ask that you respect other readers and do not criticize questions or comments.

Please note that Health I Talk (www.healthitalk.com), the host, website administrator and content writers are not liable for any misuse of the  information provided on this website. Advice and information is provided for educational purposes and do not constitute a medical diagnosis or therapeutic protocol by a medical practitioner. Always consult with your medical practitioner before implementing any change in your therapy.

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